A hotspot of soil building microbes the farm takes great pride in growing a balanced diversity of organic food.
The farm grows Fruits ( pineapple, passion fruit, papaya, mango, guava, jackfruit, chickoos, different plantain varieties, Spices ( pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon ,vanilla, ginger, turmeric,wild hot-pepper medicinal herbs ,rice,and seasonal green and tuberous vegetables. 
The pride of our farm however, is Mangostine the 'Queen of tropical fruits' that comes in May and June.


Farming Rhythms…
Geographically, Thomaschettan's Farm is located at one of the hotspots in terms of soil types and other agricultural resources. The farm gets sunlight and rain, which few other places in the world have. Realising that the soil is not just a medium for anchoring roots and holding artificial fertiliser to provide plant nutrients, the farm is committed to shifting focus from feeding the plants to feeding the soil, where there are millions of organisms. Left to themselves they alone can enrich it. Farming here is about dependence on the biomass generated from the farm for feeding the soil.


Biodynamic farming involves organic farming while working with the elemental forces - Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Relation of all life forms to the cosmic rhythms is the way of life. The movement of the Sun, Moon and the planets in the Zodiac, and the 27 star groups called nakshatras (a contribution of Vedic astronomy), and its formations with the planets are closely followed in the tilling, seeding, transplanting, fertilising, weeding, pest and fungal control, harvesting and compost making operations.

Down memory lane…


In the mid 1800s Annamma and Thoma Yohannan Chennakkattu, set foot in the village of Aikaranadu North at the south western tip of peninsular India, then an ever green forest where some of the big cats and other wild life roamed. ...... Learn more...


Watch photogallery of our farm

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